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Lima Catholic Schools Positive Addiction Run

When we think of addiction, we more often than not think of vices like drugs, alcohol, and gambling. But the Lima Catholic Schools have given a new meaning to the word addiction for over 40 years. It's embodied perfectly in the annual Positive Addiction 5K.

The afternoon began with keynote speaker Chad Dunlap giving the students a valuable lesson when it comes to addiction and the mindset we have toward it.

"Addiction can take on many different faces, though. People just think drugs when we think addiction but addiction can be food, addiction can be a negative relationship. Ya know, so we really need to focus. I'm not saying addictions are bad because I've had, as an addict in recovery every day of my life, I have to find you're never no longer an addict. We just have to find better things to be become addicted to. So we talk about the gym. The gym is what I do on a daily basis. I've gotta put that energy somewhere. Sometimes it's food too, but everything is okay; most things are okay in moderation," said Chad Dunlap, owner of Upshift with Chad and keynote speaker.

A quote Dunlap stated in his presentation was "Comparison is the thief of all joy," and it was something both the students and the adults can resonate with. St. Charles Dean of Students Anthony “Tank” Wilkerson says that is something the kids of today's generation struggle with.

"Positive Addiction Day is just a day like made to be positively aware of the blessings that life can give you. You know we live in an age where kids are, like the speaker said, comparing themselves through social media and stuff like that through negative activities, where it seems almost cool. So now this is giving them an alternative that you can choose life, you can choose positivity, so that's what this day is all about: choosing the right things in life," said Anthony “Tank” Wilkerson, dean of students at St. Charles Catholic School.

The Positive Addiction Run is a long-standing tradition amongst Lima Catholic Schools, both students and alumni, and brings the community together in a unique way.

"This is like the Super Bowl of the LCC community, to be honest with you. One of the rare times that you can see all of our kids with a smile on their face. And you don't really get to see that much, you know what I'm saying? Through the school year, we're all divided in separate schools, so it's like our one moment we can all be together. It's always been a special event since my sister, who graduated in 2003 from LCC, she comes down and watches the race; it's just like a family reunion of sorts, ya know?" added Wilkerson.

The T-bird family flocking together today with one message in mind: be addicted to the positivity life offers.

Written and covered by Casey Mulcahy, Hometown Stations

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