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Building a Mentally Healthy Company Culture

mental health company culture

Employers are increasingly focused on the mental health needs of their workers, and for good reason. There has been a consistent increase in anxiety and depression, especially among young adults just in the past decade.

Happy employees are 13% more productive, according to a study by Oxford University. Mental health problems affect engagement, job performance and retention. A cultural shift toward better mental health awareness can help bring needed attention to any current internal issues and reduce stigma. If we can also improve access to mental health resources employees will be happier in their workplace. But where do you start?

  1. Encourage Acts of Kindness

Starting with an outward approach will help deviate staff from focusing inward too much and unintentionally focusing on negative thoughts. Instead, promote acts of kindness toward others. It not only makes the recipient feel better, but also boosts the psychological health for the person(s) delivering the kindness.

2. Promote Physical Fitness

Physical exercise is one of the best ways to improve mental health. Plus, it's hard to dwell on problems when you're focused on executing a work-out!

Many organizations offer free or discounted gym memberships or offer a short break to move around or take a walk. Some will even have fitness challenges among employees.

3. Make Their Work Meaningful

How does their job affect the company and community? It's important to remind them that they make a positive difference and their performance is appreciated.

Taking an outward and more action-oriented approach to creating a mentally healthier work environment and company culture is proven to be successful. Too much inward focus could lead to lingering or more mental health issues. If your organization could use a mental health boost along with helpful insight and resources, consider booking an Upshift with Chad presentation. Request more information here, or contact (419)204-0921 today!

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