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Staying Positive During this Holiday Season

I’ve had several people tell me that they are struggling with the holidays this year, and that things just don’t “feel right”…

Trust me I get it!

Too often I catch myself getting caught up in what’s on the news, or what my friends on Facebook are all doing that that I’m not doing or can’t do. Something that I learned a long time ago is that comparison is the thief of all joy. We never compare our lives to the average moments in people’s lives. We are constantly comparing to what they want us to see. You know, the highs! Well guess what… That isn’t reality! Reality is, we all struggle from time to time. We just don’t share it with the world.

Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. You weren’t created to live their lives no more than they were created for yours. You were perfectly designed to be you! Stop focusing on your faults and start looking at your gifts. Start complimenting yourself, realizing that you are perfectly you! Once you begin to look for the good in yourself, you’ll find yourself looking for the good in those around you as well, and that’s when your environment begins to change.

Nothing actually changes… but the way you see it does, and that’s really all that matters!

Another topic that I want to touch on is seasonal depression. One of the things that I constantly tell people is to stay busy, that when we are left to our own devices, we find our minds wondering to the deepest and darkest of waters. Then you are being told to stay distant from everyone, to protect someone else. And you find yourself asking… What about me??? Again, I get it.

I want to challenge you to look for new and creative ways to start communicating with those that matter to you. Maybe it’s FaceTime Tuesday, or Skype Thursday where you set aside days and times that you video chat with someone that matters. I remember as a child we always went to Pizza Hut on Friday night. By Wednesday I was so excited about getting my very own personal pan pizza! Well guess what! There is something much more precious than any pizza, and it’s spending precious time communicating with those that you love. In my presentation I ask people what the most important moment in their life is, and typically I see their eye’s look up and they start trying to remember that one great moment, and then I snap them out of it and tell them they’ve already put too much thought into it… The most important moment in your life is this one!

Start looking for opportunities to turning these challenging times into the precious gifts that they truly are. Celebrate them regardless of where you are or who you’re with. You’re worth it!

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