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See Something, Say Something... It May Prevent a Tragedy

The recent school shooting in Nashville was covered across all forms of media. Naturally, our country reacted in horror and left us with heartache for everyone involved. There's one word in that sentence that I'd like to focus on... REACTED. What if we can work to PREVENT? What if someone would have said something when Audrey Hale exhibited concerning behavior...before the day of the incident? What if her parents recognized the red flags? See something, say something. It's unfortunate it becomes important after a tragedy. Mental Health awareness is becoming more important in our ever-changing world. Teenagers along with adults face stress, bullying, anxiety, depression, etc... far more frequently nowadays. It's my goal to reach as many people as I can. To prevent. Not everyone has a smooth life or a loving household. If you know someone who seems to be struggling, makes you feel concerned or has outright posted or spoke words that raise alarm, say something. If someone you know seems down, ask questions, be a bridge, and let them know that they are not alone. You matter. You can be a light for others. You can build a life you love, because life is a gift.

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