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Pros + Cons of Summer Break

Every May or June summer break arrives and for most it’s much anticipated. Celebration and relief after a rigorous school year, students feel like they can finally breathe and focus on summer activities. 

Benefits of summer break:

  • No homework

  • Rest from busy schedules

  • Time to recharge

  • Time to prepare for the next school year or exams

  • Ability to work & save money

  • More time for social life

  • Daily Freedom

summer break

While summer months offer time for relaxation and opportunities to pursue fun activities there are a few cons to consider. For some students, a long break isn’t quite as blissful. Some students lack guidance or support at home to fully enjoy their summer break. Or they simply do not cope as well without the daily routine school schedules provide.

Cons of summer break:

  • Lack of structure & routine

  • No access to school counselors

  • Good habits slowly dwindle and are difficult to rebuild

Keep in mind that students can balance out any negatives by considering opportunities to utilize their time effectively to better their social lives, maintain academic strengths, and boost their mental health. With the help of parents and loved ones all students deserve a great summer break for successful fall!

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