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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

My earliest memory of my mom is her catching me trying to sneak cookie

dough from the refrigerator. Another is her taking me into the bathroom

when she had to pee and making me turn my back to her. I think this was

because she didn’t trust me to be alone while she had the door closed. Lol.

I remember her always burning candles, which is probably why I’ve always

loved fire. I remember dropping peanuts into the wax hoping they'd catch

on fire… they never did. I can’t tell you if any of my other memories are real or if they are simply stories I’ve been told so often that my brain finally created them as my own.

I was four when my mom passed away. I was told that she passed away

while I was still in the hospital and can’t tell you if I really understood what

that even meant at that time. Mom never coming back never really sank in

until I was out of the hospital and the visitors that kept me busy went back

to living their own lives. This was when it hit me. That amazing feeling of

unconditional love. The feeling that felt like a security blanket, all warm and

comforting, helping you to know that no matter what happened, everything

was going to be ok… was gone. Forever. That was the part that I couldn’t

understand. No amount of crying was ever going to bring her back. When I

came home from the hospital, my older brother (by 2 years) would climb in

bed with me as I was crying and would sing songs that mom used to sing to

me. The one that stands out in my mind is Puff the Magic Dragon. Life was

very strange in those first few years after she passed. Everything felt


Growing up, I had several close friends who had amazing mothers. I would

go to their houses and never want to leave. I always gravitated to their

moms (Wow that sounds like I’m a weirdo) because I loved the way it felt to

have them around me. That amazing feeling that you felt just being in the

presence of a mom. I yearned for that feeling. They have no idea how

much of an impact that they had on my life by just being themselves and

allowing me to experience that feeling. To those ladies, and I’m certain that

you know who you are, thank you.

Fast forward a few years, now I’m married to an amazing woman and an

even more amazing mother. I’ve watched her make tons of sacrifices so

that her children didn’t have to. Never having the newest anything, so our

children did. Always making sure that her children had their wants before

she would ever consider her own needs. She is a mom, and she has

shown me countless times just how blessed our children are to have her.

A lot of years have passed since those times, and we are blessed to be

grandparents to an amazing three-year-old grandson. Now I am in a

position in life where I can be there to see my daughter be the amazing

mother that she is. Loving him unconditionally, protecting him, helping him

learn, grow, and experience all the wonderful “firsts” that a child

experiences. She’s a mom and that is one of the greatest things anyone

could ever be.

To all the amazing moms out there, you’re doing great, you’re making a

difference, and thank you for all that you do. Your efforts matter and so do

you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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