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Happiness vs Joy

The other day as I was driving back from helping someone… I started thinking back on how my day went, and how amazing I felt throughout it. I am happy almost every day. But! That day I felt pure joy. 

Happiness happens in the brain. Happiness is a decision. I choose happiness everyday. I don’t allow myself the alternative and I love that about myself. 

However! Joy is a heart thing. Joy takes place in your soul. When you’re doing that one thing that you were put here to do… loving others, giving without any expectation, tasting each moment… that’s where joy resides.

I’ve allowed life to get in the way of my joy way too many times. It’s so easy to do! Too often I allow fear, doubt, and worry take up space in my moments. Not anymore. Our time here is short and we all have a physical expiration date. Until then, I’m going to focus more on experiencing my joyful moments. Moments that make my heart feel full.

Will you make more space for joy? I hope you do!

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