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Buddy System

The other morning, I started my same routine as I always do. The alarm goes off at 4:15, I hit snooze and lay there for 5 minutes and crawl as quietly as I can out of bed as to try to not wake my wife while I am getting ready for the gym.

Typically, my Pitbull wags her tail in the joyous thoughts that she now gets my spot in bed and wakes her anyways, but it was not me… It was the dog…

I take my preworkout supplement and about seven other vitamins before I sneak outside and drive 5 minutes to the gym. This has become something that I love to do for myself. I have learned that physical exercise is a necessity for me to be the best that I can be daily. I was blessed with an unlimited amount of energy and I know that I must force that energy to a positive direction daily. If not, its default is negativity. I do not know why or how that works; I just know it does.

When I walked into the gym, I noticed a group of women working out together. They had a system set in place and they trained their circuit, and I am always impressed with how they work together as a team. Helping each other, teaching each other, and encouraging one another to better themselves. I thought about how neat it was to see people in the gym doing this for one another.

I then asked why it stops there! Why is it that so many of us are vulnerable and open in certain areas of our lives and not others. I am open to ideas, input, constructive criticism, and advice. I even ask for it to help better myself physically. Yet, when it comes to my mental health and spiritual struggles I clam up and lock everyone out! I’M GOOD! Do not ask and I will not tell! Right? Because I might show a weakness or not appear to be in complete control of my shit. Right?

NEWS FLASH!!! None of us are! If we say we are, it is FAKE NEWS! We are all vulnerable and we all have weaknesses and struggles. The differences are, we have been taught that if you do not admit it or talk about it that it mysteriously goes away. You will just go to sleep one night and wake up to a problem free world… right? Wrong.

Our mental health just like our physical health requires action. It requires exercise. This time of year, we see all kinds of physical challenges. New Year, New Me stuff everywhere! So here is my challenge to you. Find a buddy, a group of buddies and start talking again. A mental workout friend that you can talk about what you are going through. It is important and it is necessary.

I am going to leave it up to you on how often you do this, but I will tell you this, if I only train once I week, I will never see my true potential and I will never achieve the results that I truly deserve in the beautiful gift that we call life.

Moments matter and so do you. Make today the best one ever.

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