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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Love yourself. Take care of YOU. Sound selfish? To those of us raised to put others first, it can be hard to thoughtfully put your own needs ahead of others. It's possible though, and to be happy and healthy it's absolutely necessary. Here are 10 ways to get on the right track to loving you.

1. Choose to be happy.

Nurture your own peace of mind by letting old arguments go. Release those things that bring unnecessary stress to your life. Breathe and enjoy peace as you create it.

2. Be your greatest investment.

Practice self-appreciation by getting back to the authentic you. Start by being honest with yourself about what genuinely motivates and inspires you. Get excited about what makes your heart pound. Take one small step toward the life you want each day. Remember, your greatest asset is you.

3. Create space.

Do you ever feel consumed or like too many things are sucking the life out of you? It's overwhelming and seriously not healthy. Start by simplifying your to-do lists to better cope with what each day brings. Slow down and allow yourself to think clearly. Consider taking 15 minutes (preferably at the start of each day) doing something that brings you joy. Your time, your choice.

4. Only keep the best memories.

Memories are powerful. We can replay them over and over throughout our lives. This repetition can be wearing if they are ones that bring you down, so it's important to find a healthy way to channel them into something positive. Carve out a happy channel and try to skip over the ones that don't bring you joy. Focus on happy memories instead of ones of regret. Positive reflection encourages new blissful moments.

5. Reinvent you.

Words are powerful, so are labels. Think of all the labels you have for yourself and remove the ones that are less desirable and replace them with a more positive version. Keep speaking these new words to describe yourself and soon enough they'll help mold the new you.

6. Build nurturing relationships.

Love. We need it like water and air. It's our nature to crave it. It makes life worth living. You can show yourself love by giving it to those who reciprocate. Surround yourself with like-minded folk who value you and your heart.

7. Be your own best friend.

You can be your own worst critic, or you could train yourself to build yourself up. Speak positively to yourself. Treat yourself to an adequate amount of sleep and a better nutritional diet. Even consider a praise-journal to give yourself credit for what you've accomplished each day. Be your own advocate.

8. Be your champion.

Don't lose your voice by holding back your opinions or beliefs. Those make you who you are. It's important to share them thoughtfully to boost your confidence and validity. Be sure to question anything that challenges your happiness. If it doesn't measure up, politely show it the door.

9. Be Human.

That's right. Cut yourself some slack and lighten up on minor mistakes! We all make them, it's part of life. Learn how to laugh at yourself. It will give you the energy you need to get up and try again. Finding a compassionate way to acknowledge any slip-ups will give you the power to give it another go without fear of self-incrimination. The world is tough enough, don't be so hard on yourself.

10. Love yourself & transform your world.

The greatest habit you could form is self-love. This can be achieved with one small step each day. After all, you are the only one you can guarantee will be there till the end. Be a nurturing, supportive self-friend, light that inner spark and light up the world. You and yourself make a great team.

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